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Tony Johnston
Troy Swindells-Grose
L Wipeout AUS 2000
Seven Network: 15 February 1999-24 November 2000
Southern Star

NB: Not to be confused with Wipeout Australia.

Wipeout was an Australian game show based on an American format of the same name. It aired on the Seven Network from 1999 to 2000. It was hosted by Tony Johnston. This version was the only one to use children as contestants, and in turn used points instead of dollars. Also, after any answer (whether it was right or wrong), play immediately went to the next player.


Rounds 1 and 2[]

The game was played on a board with 16 answers. 12 of them were correct answers and the remaining four were Wipeouts. The right answers were indicated by checkmarks and the Wipeouts were indicated by Xs. In the beginning, the Xs appeared after an explosion and a guitar riff; later they appear in a variety of ways. Two boards were played. Correct answers were worth 25 points each in board #1 and they were worth 50 points each in board #2. Hidden somewhere on the second board behind of one the correct answers was a "Bonus" square that gave a prize to the player that revealed it. The lowest scoring player was knocked out at the end of the second round. If the second round ended in a tie, the tying players were then shown a tiebreaker board with 12 answers arranged in a frame. Eight were right, and four were wrong. The tied players (starting with the player who won the coin toss) went back and forth picking answers until one player wiped out. The first player to wipe out was eliminated from the game, and the other player advanced to the next round.

Round 3: Bid for the Grid[]

In "Bid for the Grid", there were 12 answers on the board. In earlier episode, eight were right, and four were wrong. In later episodes, the number of correct answers and Wipeouts was split evenly with six apiece. The two remaining players secretly lock in their bids following five seconds of thinking time; the higher bid (or, in case of a tie, the faster entry) plays. Once the player won the bidding, he/she must give that number of answers in a row without a Wipeout. If the player can complete the contract, he/she won the board; but if the player wiped out, the opposing player must give just one correct answer to win the board. If the stealing player Wiped out, play went back to the original player still trying to complete to contract and win the board. The first player to win two out of three boards wins the game and the right to play the bonus round.

Bonus Round: Win it in a Minute[]

In the bonus round, the contestant had 60 seconds to find six correct answers on a grid of twelve possible answers. Contestants entered their guesses on an over-sized keypad and then runs to the buzzer located near the display to check his/her performance. The contestant was allowed to turn on more than six answers. However, if they did so, a computerized voice would repeatedly state that too many answers were active (if that was the case, should the player try to hit the plunger, it would not respond). Winning the bonus round won a major prize.