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Seven Network: 14 February 1996-15 November 1998
7 Network Australia
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Who Dares Wins is an adventure game show in which contestants are expected to complete undesirable tasks in order to win prizes.


The main focus of each episode of the show often revolves around a dangerous stunt of some kind. An unsuspecting contestant, that's been previously nominated by a viewer of the show, is ambushed by Whitney and dared to partake and complete the stunt successfully in order to win a major prize (usually a holiday and spending money).

Most of the runtime of a typical episode is devoted to the preparation of the stunt and the training the contestant receives. Often the stunt would also be demonstrated beforehand by professional stuntmen.

In the climax of the show, the contestant then attempts to complete the dare; if successful, they win the major prize. However, if the contestant fails or decides to drop out, then co-host Tania will then try to complete the dare instead; the contestant forfeits the prize is she succeeds, but if she fails or pulls out herself, then the contestant wins regardless.

Mini Dare Segments[]

During the show, each major dare is bookened by several minor segments in which Whitney travels the streets and shopping malls of Australia by challenging people to complete a lesser dare for a cash prize (usually around $50-$200). This may range from sticking a hand inside a container full of cockroaches or having all of their hair shaved off to more complex dares such as tightrope walking above a mall foyer or driving off a ten meter platform into a pool.

Opening Disclaimer[]

“The dares carried out on Who Dares Wins are performed under strict safety supervision. Do not attempt to copy them.”

End-of-Show Disclaimers[]

“Caution: All Dares have been conducted under professional supervision. Do not attempt them yourself.”

”This Australian TV program has no association with any other TV program or film.”


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A Board Game of Who Dares Wins was made by Milton Bradley.


In the U.S., the show has been rerun on Game Show Network (GSN) for a brief period in 2001.


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