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Eden Gaha (1992-1993)
Scott McRae (1994-1995)
ABC: 1992-1995

Vidiot was a children's/teenage television game show broadcast from 1992 to 1995 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was hosted by Eden Gaha for the first two series, then Scott McRae for the 1994 and 1995 season.


Three contestants were each given fifty points to start and the game was played in six rounds. Each question was worth ten points.

The First Five Rounds[]

In the first round, there was no penalty for a wrong answer. Afterwards, points were lost for wrong answers.

Question Types[]

Usually, questions were simple verbal questions (either open-ended or multiple choice, with four possibilities), although only one contestant could attempt to answer. Other questions asked on the show included:

  • Audio – A sound clip was played for the question.
  • Video – A video clip was played for the question.
  • What's in Common? – Three items were shown, and the contestants had to guess the common bond.
  • Observation – A clip from a film, TV show, or music video was shown and when it finished, the contestants were asked questions about it.
  • Singing Vidiots – A music video was played, and when the music stopped, contestants had to buzz in and sing the next line.
  • Who Am I? – Contestants were read clues to a celebrity, and they had to buzz in and identify the celebrity. The contestant with the correct answer chose from a board of six numbers. Behind three of the numbers were bonus points (either ten, twenty, or equal leader), behind two of the numbers were merchandise prizes, and behind the last number was a booby prize.
  • Decodors – Contestants were shown a sketch containing a series of clues to a song, and they had to guess the song.
  • Vidiot Rewind – Contestants were shown a video clip from an earlier year and had to identify it.
  • Hidden Vidiot – A picture of a celebrity or character was hidden behind a picture of a padlock. As questions were answered correctly, a piece of the picture was revealed. Correctly guessing the picture earned twenty points.
  • Vidiot Scramble – The sound of one song would play over the video for another song. Contestants had to identify the titles of both songs.
  • Whose Junk is This? – Contestants were shown a series of six items that supposedly belonged to a famous celebrity. Correctly identifying the celebrity scored up to sixty points based on the number of items revealed.

Final Round: Vidiot Velocity[]

Similar to the Fast Money round on Sale of the Century, the contestants were asked rapid fire questions for 60 seconds (one minute). The contestant with the most points when time was up won the game and a prize.

For each Monday to Thursday broadcast, three new teenage contestants battled to win a place for the Friday broadcast, where the winner received a bigger prize. A live audience, often fellow students from the school from which the contestants originated, was present (although no schools where specified, to where the students where from). After twelve weeks, the weekly winners returned for the final week, where the winner became "Vidiot of the Year" and won a grand prize.


The buzzer sounds were sound bytes from popular songs and instrumentals; some of them were theme music to films and television shows, and others were pop music songs and instrumentals. Each episode used a different set of sound bytes.

Production Information[]

Vidiot was recorded in ABC's Sydney studios. On the east coast of Australia, it was broadcast 5:30pm weeknights.

YouTube Videos[]

Full Episode from 1992

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