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Michael Pope
Mark Malone
Seven Network: 1994-1995
Fremantle International

Total Recall hosted by Michael Pope, also host of Blockbusters. Originally broadcast in 1994-95. It was also repeated on PayTv channel Nickelodeon a few years later.


The show saw two competing schools play a memory game. On Mon-Thurs, Four kids from one of the schools would play and the person with the most points at the end of the day was declared winner. They were then asked to come back on Friday where the four winners that week would go school against school. Also trying to amass the most points during the week to win the schools prize at the end of the week

Round One[]

A list of things was presented to the contestants in a particular order and then they had to recall which order they went in with Michael Pope providing clues to the answers.

Round Two[]

Contestants are presented with a silhouette of an object for 15 seconds, which is the jumbled around, then are tasked with naming the object and then unscrambling the picture.