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Todd Woodbridge
Tipping Point AU
Nine Network: 24 December 2023 (Sneak Peak)
(Series) 29 January 2024 - present
Nine Network Australia
Endemol Shine Australia

Tipping Point Australia (or simply known as Tipping Point) is an Australian adaptation of the British game show of the same name where three contestants can win a sizeable amount of money by inserting counters into a jackpot machine.


The series comprises of four rounds starting off with the Bank Builder round, the goal being to acquire a counter to play a machine. Each counter is worth $100 and means a shot at the Tipping Point machine to bank money away. Round 2 is called "Quickfire", where contestants have 30 seconds to answer questions correctly for a counter. The contestant with the least money at the end of round 2 will be eliminated from the game.

Scattered through the machine ledge are two mystery prize counters and two double counters for an extra chance to win big. Two contestants move on to round 3 and go head-to-head with two questions each. A correct answer earns a counter, but an incorrect answers means forfeiting a counter to your opponent. The person with the most money in the bank moves on.

One contestant will then make it to the final Jackpot Round and get the chance to take home $20,000. All that's standing in their way is five questions and Woodbridge's secret weapon: his Jackpot Temptation.

Jackpot Temptation comes into play if the contestants fails to knock the Jackpot counter over the ledge and win $20,000 or you could win Vacation and $20,000, double the Jackpot from $20,000 to $40,000 and $50,000 from Jackpot Temptation.

International Versions[]

Countries that have previously aired their versions Tipping Point includes:

United Kingdon (Country that originated the program)


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