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Paul McDermott
Broadcast Date
5 February – 18 May 2018
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Three contestants go up against the Think Tank a bank of eight Australians with a love of trivia.

Full Tank[]

Each contestant is asked three questions and shown the answers of the Think Tank. They then give their answer.

Pick A Thinker[]

Over three rounds of questions each player picks a Think Tank member and gets given a question by them. Each Think Tanker can only be asked twice

Trust Me I'm A Think Tanker[]

All three players play. Two members of the Think Tank reveal their answer to a question. One is right, One is wrong. Players pick the answer they think is correct. The player with the lowest points is eliminated at the end of the round.

Head To Head[]

Best of five correct answers. Each contestant is able to ask up to three Think Tankers in this round but once used they can't be used again. The player with the most incorrect answers is eliminated.

Question Impossible[]

A question that none of the Think Tank got right. The answers (which are all wrong) of the Think Tank are shown to the contestant who then gives their answer to the question.