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Michael Pope
Kerrie Friend & Adele Bailey
The Trivial Video Show
Seven Network: 1986
Jacaranda Productions
Gary Reilly Productions Pty. Ltd.

The Trivial Video Show was a game show which aired on the Seven Network in 1986. The show featured video clips as part of its gameplay, hence the title.

Main Game[]

Three contestants started off with 25 points each. For the general knowledge questions, the host presented a video clip or picture and asked a question associated with it. The first contestant to buzz in and answer correctly earned five points; an incorrect answer locked them out and entitled the remaining contestants to buzz in.

During the gameplay, two in-game bonus games were played by the leading contestant; games varied between episodes.

(Additional games will be added as soon as further information is available)


(NB: Not to be confused with the short-lived, animated cartoon series from 1985 of the same name)

In a similar style to Catch Phrase, the leading contestant was presented with three visual word puzzles and had to solve them in 30 seconds to earn a small prize.

A contestant could choose to pass on to the next puzzle; however, a pass would cost them five points of their score. An incorrect guess also cost five points.

Going Up![]

For this segment, the announcer announced four levels of a department store (in the style of an elevator operator), announcing the different departments on each floor.

The host then presented the contestant with a set of objects, and the contestant had to correctly identify which departments the objects could be found in. If all departments were correctly guessed, the player would earn a small prize. Each incorrect guess cost the contestant five points.

Bonus Game[]

At the end of the game, the leading contestant played Kim's Game, in which the contestant could win one prize or a set of seven prizes depending on the final outcome.

The announcer read a set of seven different prizes, a luxury car being the last prize in that set.

The contestant was then briefly shown a picture with seven different objects. The contestant had twenty seconds to guess as many of those objects as possible.

If the contestant correctly guessed between one and six objects, the contestant won the numbered prize accordingly (e.g. third-listed prize for three guesses, sixth-listed prize for six guesses). Seven correct guesses resulted in the contestant winning all prizes including the car.

The announcer then went through what objects were identified or missed.

YouTube Video[]

Episode fragments (from a 1991 re-airing; first 13 minutes only)