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Andrew O'Keefe
Title richlist 071
Seven Network: 29 January 2007 – 14 January 2009
12 Yard

The Rich Listwas based on the U.K. format Who Dares Wins (not to be confused with the dare and stunt show of the same name). Two teams (whom have never met each other up to that point) tried to name as many items relating to the topic as they can while competing against each other for a no-limit cash prize of $250,000.


The main game consisted of two rounds, A best of three [no money amount] lists followed by "The Rich List" where a team could win $250,000 for completing each list with 15 answers. as there was no limit to how many "Rich Lists" a team could partially or fully complete and therefore, teams were capable of winning an unlimited amount of money.

Best of Three Lists[]

Two teams of individual people played, one of which were the champions from the previous game and the other were a new pair of challengers. They were presented to the audience. The two teams (whom hadn't met before the show) were placed in separate soundproof isolation booths, with audio that was turned off by O'Keefe. as he announced the category for the list, such as (Wimbledon men's single champions) or (Squares from a Monopoly Board) then asked the challengers to place a bid on the number of items they must name to win that list. The host would switch the audio on and off between the booths as the bidding continued. Note that if Players didn't feel they could bid higher than their opponents' bid, they could choose to bluff their bids (as the opponents couldn't hear the other team's conversation) in an attempt to pressure the opponents to raise their bids further. The host then turned both audios on when one team had challenged the other to fulfill the bid.

The challenged team had to list in a row as many items as they could in order to win the list. However, if the team made one mistake along the way, then the list was awarded to the opposing team.

The first team to win two lists won the best of three and would go on the play "The Rich List".


If each team won one list apiece, a sudden death tiebreaker was played. The host would give the category, both booths were switched on, and the teams alternated their answers. In order to win the list and the best of three, one team had to give an incorrect answer while the other team gave a correct answer. If both teams failed to name an item on the same turn, both teams would get another chance to name another item. Should that fail, another tiebreaker list would be used to break the tie.

The Rich List[]

The winning team would go on to "The Rich List" where the host gave the team a new category and the chance to supply up to 15 correct answers. Winnings increased after every third correct answer was given.

If a wrong answer was given at any time, then the team lost all accumulated money they won up to that point. but all winnings from the previous "Rich Lists" that the team had completed were safe. After every third answer, they could choose to stop playing, winning all the money accumulated from the current "Rich List" or to play on, until the team lists all 15 answers, therefore winning $250,000.

The Prize ladder went as follows:

Right Answers Winnings
15 $250,000
12 $150,000
9 $75,000
6 $25,000
3 $10,000

Regardless of the outcome, the team would return to the isolation soundproof booth to play another game against a new pair of opponents. Only a loss when playing "The Best of Three Lists" could eliminate teams from the show.



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