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Eddie McGuire
Nine Network: 21 March 2011-28 April 2011

The Million Dollar Drop is based on the UK format called The Million Pound Drop Live, Two couples work as a team try to answer eight multiple-choice questions correctly in order to keep and leave out of here with $1,000,000.


A team of two people with a pre-existing relationship is presented with $1,000,000 in $20 notes, banded in bundles of $20,000 (50 bundles = $1,000,000). The team must risk the entire amount on each of eight multiple-choice questions.

For each question, the couples choose one of the two categories, then indicate which of the four possible answers they wish to risk their money on by moving the bundles of cash onto a rao of trap doors, (termed as "drops") each of which corresponds to one answer. However, they must always keep at least one of the "drops" clear with no money on it. In addition, seven of the eight questions have a time limit, any money that is not placed on an answer when time runs out will be lost. Once the money is in place, the trap doors for the incorrect answers are activated, and the cash falls out of sight and is lost. The two contestants then continue the game using the cash they had placed on the correct answer. They get to keep whatever money is left after the eighth question, if they lose everything before reaching up to that point, the game ends immediately and they leave with nothing.

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