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Larry Emdur
Don Blake
Niel Chantler
Seven Network: 7 April 1991 – 22 November 1992
Leisuretime Media
Craig Johnston Productions

The Main Event featured teams of celebrities playing in the studio for teams at home that were also linked into the show by satellite and could answer certain questions.


Two teams (red and gold), each consisting of three celebrities in the studio and up to four family members at home, competed against each other to earn points and prizes, including a new Subaru.

Each round had a number of points available for each team, as annouced at the beginning of the segment.

The First Four Rounds[]

These could be played in any order, and there was no penalty for wrong answers. From lowest to highest maximum value, the rounds were:

30-Point Round: Picture This[]

A board of six windows were displayed. Behind each was a picture relating to an overall theme of the board. Each celebrity, alternating between teams, would choose a number, afterwhich the picture containing part of a subject was revealed, and a correct identification was worth 10 points. Team members could confer with each other, but only the controlling player could guess.

50-Point Round[]

This was played in two parts:

Part 1: Who Is This?[]

Celebrities who'd been pixelated had to be guessed by the home teams. As the clues got larger, the picture would be slowly restored. The first to buzz in and answer correctly earned 10 points. The first two identities (an athlete and a television personality, respectively) were played by the adults, and the third (a popstar) was played by the children. The winner of the popstar identity also won a collection of CDs.

Part 2: What Happens Next?[]

The celebrities were shown a video stopped at a specified point. Both teams were then given three choices to predict what happens next in the video. The first to buzz in made a selection, and then the opponents did the same from the other two choices. The team with the correct selection scored 20 points.

60-Point Round: What Do You Know?[]

This toss-up round began with the celebrities being asked 10-point questions in the following order of categories:

  • Name That Tune – A song was played in the background of a music video specially made for the show, the contents of which were also clues to the song’s title.
  • Odd One Out – Five items were listed, four of which had something in common that the other didn't.
  • Who Am I? – A video was played featuring progressively older photographs and progressively larger descriptive clues given to the identity of a famous person.
  • Name That Film – A film clip was played featuring progressively larger descriptive clues to the title of a movie.

The first team to buzz in and answer correctly scored the points, but an incorrect answer locked them out and gave the opponents a chance. There was only one buzzer per team, and those who pressed it had to answer individually (and couldn't confer with their partners).

The home contestants would then be asked a multiple-choice question. A film clip and descriptive clue was played, following which a question and three possible answers about the clip was asked to them. The family could confer, but only the captain could buzz in and answer. The first family to buzz in with the correct answer scored 20 points, but a wrong answer gave the opponents a chance.

80-Point Celebrity Round[]

This round was played one team at a time in three parts.

Part 1: Who Lives Here?[]

A camera would be invited into a celebrity's home and shown footage of inside as well as things they like doing; at the end of the footage they had to guess who it was. Then the home team would be asked if they had a better answer than the celebrities. If the identity was correct, the team scored 20 points. However, if the home team gave a different identity and it was correct, they scored 40.

Part 2: Under the Spotlight[]

The now revealed celebrity would be asked a bunch of questions but the team would only hear the answers. The celebrities had 30 seconds to remember five of the responses mentioned in the video and try to match them to the questions asked. The questions were asked one at a time, and if stuck, they could pass and return to it if time permitted. If all five responses were correctly matched, the team scored 20 points (no partial credit was given).

Part 3: Would You Believe…[]

The home team would be given a true or false question about the celebrity from themselves, and a correct response scored 20 points.

Round 5: 60-Point Observation[]

This round was played one team at a time. The celebrities on one team were shown a film clip from a movie or television show. A question was asked to each celebrity teammate about something that occurred in the clip. The celebrities couldn't confer with each other in this round. After the team member responded, a portion of the clip was repeated revealing the answer. A correct answer scored 20 points, but in this round, an incorrect answer deducted 20 from their score. Each team member was asked a different question from the viewer's left to right. Sometimes the questions were asked by a special guest celebrity related to the film clip appearing in studio or via satallite.

The team with the highest score at the end of this round (out of a possible 280) was guaranteed a special prize regardless of the game's outcome (either free groceries for a year or a $5,000(AUS) Citibank Cash Management Account).

Final Round: 100-Point Championship[]

Just like the previous round, this was played one team at a time. The leading home team would be given a choice between two possible topics that they would be quizzed on. Then play went to the other team who would be asked five questions in the unchosen category within 45 seconds. Correct answers added 20 points, while incorrect answers deducted 20. Then the leading home team played similarly with their chosen category (that team would play the round even if the trailing team failed to tie or surpass the leaders score).

The team with the highest overall score at the end of the game (out of a possible 380) was the week's winner and won the Subaru; however, families who won nothing on the show were always guarranteed a cash consolation prize.


Celebrities appearing on the show (either as a player or special guest) included:

  • Kym Wilson
  • Agro
  • Louise Anton
  • Mary Coustas
  • Lisa Curry
  • Robert DiPierdomenico
  • Nick Giannopoulos
  • Wally Lewis
  • Barton Lynch
  • Greg Matthews
  • Bruce McAvaney
  • Georgie Parker
  • Guy Pearce
  • Collette Roberts
  • Shirley Strachan
  • Adriana Xenides (of Wheel of Fortune fame)

Additional Notes & Trivia[]

  • American actors George Kennedy and Darius McCrary also made special guest appearances.
  • One memorable episode had Pearce and Anton playing together as Grease characters Danny & Sandy to promote the stage musical's Australian premiere (sadly, their team lost the game). Ironically, the Sandy in the film version was Australian herself (as played by Olivia Newton-John).

Sets and Remotes[]

Filmed at the Seven Network studios in Epping, NSW, the in-studio set was designed by Diaann Wajion and Phil McLaren as a theatre in the round in the shape of a two-level football stadium, complete with cheerleaders and a jumbotron-style video screen.

For the civilian families, two remote broadcast units were used for presenting live broadcasts of them via satellite from their homes throughout Australia. During the show, Emdur would briefly stop the game to interact with each family sharing their abilities or quirky things about them. Also, the night's Subaru was shown pulling up into each family's driveway by a special celebrity driver during the course of the show, and the winning family was shown celebrating in and around it at the end.

British Version[]

This aired on BBC1 with host Chris Tarrant for one series in 1993, featuring several more (often unusual) mini-games.


Main Theme - "Walking on Sunshine" by Kimberly Rew

Pictures from the "Grease" Episode[]

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