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The Love Game
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Seven Network: 1984

The Love Game was a short-lived, dating game show for the Seven Network.


A panel of three (later two) celebrities asked four contestants (two men & two women) a series of Love Game questions for an unmentioned amount of time. When the time was up, the panel voted for which two contestants (one man & one woman) should be the best together. In the two panelist era, the panel chose which girl they liked the best and then after asking one question to the fellas, chose who to be with. The woman also won a $250 bonus if her choice matched the panel's. The newly-formed couple then went into what's called "The Love Machine". The Love Machine measured how attractive they really are. The bigger the attraction, the bigger the trip.

Midway through the show, a previously formed couple returned to the show to talk about their date.

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