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Grant Denyer & Chrisse Swan
Chris Edmund
The Great Australian Spelling Bee
The Great Austrlian Spelling Bee Season 2
Network Ten/Eleven: 3 August 2015 - 17 September 2016
Shine Australia

The Great Australian Spelling Bee is a reality spelling game show where contestants (mainly children) are required to spell presented words which vary in their degree of difficulty.


In order to advance, each speller must display a combination of speed, skills and smarts to deconstruct words many have never even heard of, let alone spelt. In the ultimate showdown between little kids and big words. Spellers will attempt to qualify for the competition via age based rounds of a traditional spelling bee. However, only the top twenty six (one for every letter of the alphabet) will advance.


Individual Challenges[]

  • Speed Spell – One by one, spellers must stand inside the spell gate and spell as many words as they can in 45 seconds. Spelling a word incorrectly will end their turn regardless of time left.

This is usually the first challenge on elimination days. The top spellers, depending on the episode, will be safe from elimination.

  • Flash Cards – Prior to the challenge, the spellers are introduced to a theme of the words that are going to be spelled for the challenge, whether it'd be a band of instruments for the theme of music or a dinosaur for the theme of prehistoric.

Then the spellers receive a letter, whether it would be picking a token out of a bag, cracking a dinosaur egg to collect the token, grabbing a lollipop with a token on it, or finding it inside a bag attached to the speller's instrument. The tokens are either red or blue and has a letter spelt from A to all the way to the last letter depending of the number of spellers left. The spellers are then arranged in two lines: blue on one side, red on the other and in order of A, B, C and so on.

The challenge is to spell the word relating to the theme correctly by writing it on a tablet within ten seconds. The speller who spells the word correctly will be through to the next round and the other speller will not be safe. This continues for all pairs. If in any case the pairs spell the word correctly for six rounds, a tiebreaker round will happen. To win, the speller who finishes their word first immediately shows their flash cards to the pronouncer.

  • Spell Check – The remaining spellers are required to stand in front of their buzzer while a word is shown on screen. The word may be correct or incorrect in which case if it's incorrect, the speller who buzzes in first is allowed to spell the given word correctly. If correct, the speller is safe. If incorrect, or if the spellers buzzes in at a correct word, they are locked out and they go into the final Spelling Bee. A certain amount of spellers may be safe.
  • Spelling Bee – The remaining spellers follow normal Spelling Bee rules. Only two spellers may be safe in every round, while the rest are eliminated.
  • Show And Spell Individual Edition – Normal Show And Spell rules apply, except players don't earn points for their team, they do for themselves.
  • Letter By Letter Knock Out Mode – Normal Letter By Letter rules apply, except they are not in teams, and if you make a mistake, you're out of the round.
  • Dictionary Dash – This challenge featured dictionaries, which the competitors must find a word in. The first person to find the word in this challenge would get an advantage in speed spell, which is to select your theme first. The others followed in order of who won dictionary dash in the next rounds.

Team Immunity Challenges[]

  • Letter By Letter – The team members must spell a word, saying a letter one by one in the order they are in. If a speller thinks the speller before them spells the word wrong, they must say 'Next word.' to continue with the next word. They must spell as many words as they can within 90 seconds.
  • Show and Spell – Like Flash Cards, spellers are introduced to a theme of words the spellers must spell. The words, like Spell Check, are shown on a screen. Unlike Spell Check, all the letters except the 1st letter are not shown, and are replaced with underscores. The competitors must guess the word, following a series of clues, and after they guess, spell it correctly to gain a point for their team.
  • Team Spelling Bee – Normal spelling bee rules apply. The remaining two teams have their members spell alternating. Spelling a word incorrectly will force the speller to be knocked out of the challenge. The team with spellers still left wins immunity.


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