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The Great Australian Bake Off
The Great Australian Bake-Off
Nine Network: 9 July 2013-27 August 2013
LifeStyle Food: 13 October 2015-14 December 2016
LifeStyle: 18 January 2018-present
Love Productions (2013)
Fremantle Australia (2015-present)

The Great Australian Bake Off is an Australian adaptation of the British show called The Great British Bake Off.


The programme operates on a weekly elimination process to find the best all-round baker rom the contestants who are all amateurs, where in each episode the bakers are tasked with three different challenges; a signature bake, a technical bake and a show-stopper. The bakers re critically examined by the judges who will then choose a "Baker of the Week" and a baker that is eliminated from the competition. Ten contestants were chosen for the first season.


Signature Challenge: This challenge is for the amateur bakers to show off their tried-and-tested recipes that are rustic and altogether home-made-looking.

Technical Challenge: This challenge shows who can follow instructions, but who also has the technical knowledge and experience to produce the finish product The bakers are all given the same recipe and are not told beforehand what the challenge will be. The finished product is ranked from worst to best, with the judges not knowing who produced which.

Showstopper Challenge: This challenge is for the bakers to show off their skills and talent. The judges are looking for a bake hat is both of a professional appearance but also in taste.


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