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Mike Preston
The Celebrity game
Network Ten (Daily): 9 February 1976 - 11 November 1977

The Celebrity Game was based on the game of charades, involving two teams of two celebrities and a contestant. Not to be confused with Australia's Celebrity Game.


Two teams of two celebrities and a contestant competed in a game of charades, where one player guessed words or phrases for two minutes while the other teammates took turns acting out those answers, often by pantomiming similar-sounding words and the other players taking turns the word or phrase.

Guest Regulars[]

The celebrity regulars included Joy Chambers, Joe Martin, Johnny Pace, Harriet, Stuart Wagstaff, and Barry Creyton.


  • A newspaper ad dated 18 December 1977 suggests a weekly version was to be done on Thursdays starting in January or February 1978, but this didn't come to fruition.

YouTube Links[]

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