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Darren McMullen
The Big Music Quiz
The Big Music Quiz Alt
Seven Network: 28 August – 12 October 2016
Shine Australia

The Big Music Quiz is an Australian adaptation of the French series called Le Grand Blind Test (The Great Blind Test). The show pitted celebrities together in which they needed to answer a range of music trivia challenges, which included identifying original artists of popular cover titles, recognizing song titles played at ten times its normal speed and trying to work out a song sung in a different language. It was cancelled quickly due to bad ratings with half a million by the end of the series and bad reviews.


On March 13, 2016, it was announced that the Seven Network had purchased the local rights for an Australian version of The Big Music Quiz. It was also confirmed that production would start in April with Darren McMullen to present.

Three days after the announcement, an audience call was released. It required enthusiastic audience members willing to stand and dance as part of the show.


The celebrities would begin in a warm up (Round 1) where they were tested in their musical knowledge by identifying original artists of popular cover titles. Top scoring celebrities had to pick teams which then competed against each other in the following three rounds (2-4): they were to recognise song titles played at ten times their normal speed, go through a personalised round where they were tested on extracts linked to their career and try to work out a cover version of a song sung in a different language. In the fifth round members from each team would go head to head deciphering songs that have been altered in several ways. And in the final round (6), the highest scoring team competed individually against each other; each celebrity in that team had to shout out the song titles they would hear within the two minutes given.


Round 1: The Warm Up[]

This round determined Team Captains and their teams. Each of the eight guest panelists played as individuals and listened to a list of known songs. After the music had played, each panelist wrote down the name of the artist; they only had 20 seconds to write down their answer and a “cheat sheet” appeared at the 15-second mark. The two highest scoring panelists became Team Captains and then chose their teams in a schoolyard pick.

Round 2: Unlikely Covers[]

Each team had 30 seconds to name the original artist of cover songs performed by live guests. The first team to identify the original artist would buzz in (the buzzer couldn't be used for the first seven seconds of each song).

Round 3: Headphone Heroes[]

The teams had to listen to people singing with headphones on. They had 30 seconds to buzz in when they could identify the original artist (the buzzer couldn't be used for the first seven seconds of each song).

Round 4: Personal Playlist[]

Teams had to guess the name of the artists in a themed segment which takes musical inspiration from one, or some, of the panelists. The game was played as a team; however, all of the panelists could score points for their team if they got the correct answer. Panelists had access to a cheat sheet for the last five seconds of each track.

Round 5: Twisted Tunes[]

In the final team round, a panelist from each team would go head-to-head to identify the original artist. The songs could be harder to identify as they had been twisted, sped up, slowed down, and reversed. The first panelist to buzz in with the correct answer scored the points. The game was played four times so that each panelist would get a turn. At the end of this round, the team with the highest score advanced the Final Round while the losing team left to learn a dance routine to a popular song.

Round 6: The Final[]

The winning team now played as individuals. Each player had 60 seconds to guess as many of the original artists as possible. The panelist with the highest score was crowned The Big Music Quiz Champion for the night. The losing team closed the show with their dance routine.


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