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Jim Jefferies
The 1% Club AU
Seven Network: 26 April 2023-present
BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand

The 1% Club is an Australian adaptation of the British game show of the same name where its styled as an IQ test as the questions are not based on general knowledge, like many shows, but of "logic and common sense". The top prize achievable here is $100,000.


Before the show, members of the public are asked the same questions, including ones featured in the show. Based on the answers, it displayed statistically what percentage of the Australian's population should get each question correct. In the studio, 100 contestants all face a series of questions beginning with easy ones. (e.g. 90% of the country can answer) to difficult ones (e.g. what 5% of the country can answer).

At the start of the show, each contestant receives a $1,000 stake, and if they get any question incorrect, they are eliminated from the game and the $1,000 stake is transferred into the prize pot. At the 50% question, whoever is left in the game from that point on has the option to pass on one question. When passing a question, their $1,000 stake enters the prize pot and they must continue into the game. At the 30% question, anyone still in the game who has not played their pass has the option to take their $1,000 stake a leave the game, or continue on. If no-one makes it past the 5% question, the strongest player(s) still play for the prize pot.

Whoever gets furthest into the quiz (the 1% question) wins a guaranteed $10,000 unless they decide to play on to the final question, where what remains in the prize pot is played for. If their are multiple players in the final round, they play an equal share of the prize pot. If a player has not played their pass, they win $1,000 regardless of if they answere the 1% question incorrectly. An incorrect answer to the 1% question means that the player will leave with nothing.

International Versions[]

Countries that have previously aired their versions of The 1% Club includes:

The Netherlands
United States (Has yet to air)
United Kingdom (Country that originated the program)


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