The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime was an hour long prime time quiz show that aired in Australia

Broadcast HistoryEdit

Seven Network 1999-2000


Frank Warrick
Sandy Roberts


A solo player competed for the chance to win over $1,000,000 in the form of an annuity, doing so by answering ten questions. The first question was dubbed as the "Credit Card Question" with a correct answer eliminating any credit card bill debt the contestant had rung up as the bill was shredded onstage.

The next question was worth $5,000; and the contestant had to answer correctly to advance. If correct, the contestant would have a maximum of eight questions to answer, being forced to bet at least half of what they had at that particular point in the game. The catch was that each question came from one of ten different categories and the contestant never knew where they would come from. However, the contestant was shown the category before the question was asked, so they would know and could bet accordingly.

Along the way, each contestant had two "Second Chances" which were used to help the contestant. one allowed the contestant to switch the question for one in a category of their choice, while the other allowed the question to e made multiple choice. Once a contestant reached the third level of questions, a "Last Chance" was awarded, allowing the player to choose one of the two options for a second time.

A contestant could stop after any correct answer, but an incorrect answer deducted the amount of the wager thus, ending the game for the contestant. Even a miss on the "Credit Card Question" ended the game as well.


A possible $1,280,000 was available to the contestant.