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Tom Gleeson
Tom Cashman
Taskmaster Australia
Network 10: 2 February 2023-present
Kevin & Co
Avalan Television

Taskmaster Australian is an Australian adaptation of the British comedy panel game Taskmaster.


Five comedians compete in the completion of tasks that are being set by "The Taskmaster" (i.e. Gleeson) and umpired by the "Taskmaster's Assistant" (i.e. Cashman). The task can involve physical, creative or lateral thinking skills.

Following the original format from Britian, in each episode, comedians compete for five prizes that they have brought in along a theme that they are ranked against for points. Three pre-recorded tasks, completed separately by each comedian [or occasionally in teams] are shown and judged in the studio by The taskmaster [Gleeson]. Tasks are filmed withing the Taskmaster Retreat, within the areas including The Lounge, The Kitchen, The Lab and The Caravan. A final live task takes place in the studio. As well as winners within each episode, one comedian becomes the winner of the series and takes place a trophy modeled after the Taskmaster's head (mainly Gleeson).


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