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Shaun Micallef
Team Captains
Network Ten:
Amanda Keller (Baby Boomers)
Charlie Pickering (Generation X)
Josh Thomas (Generation Y)
Nine Network:
Robyn Butler (Generation X)
Andy Lee (Generation Y)
Laurence Boxhall (Generation Z)
Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation
Network Ten: 5 May 2009 – 29 March 2012
Http media Network NineEntertainmentCo TBYG
Nine Network: 21 May 2018 – 26 June 2019
Granada Productions (Network Ten)
ITV Studios Australia (Nine Network)

Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation was an hour-long quiz show testing the popular culture knowledge of teams from three different cultural generations.


The first series ran for 18 episodes, with the original production order extended due to the success of the show.

A second series of 26 episodes began airing from 7 February 2010. Series 2 had a planned hiatus after episode 10 on 18 April 2010 and returned to finish its run on 1 August 2010.

Series 3 began on 8 February 2011.

On 27 October 2011, Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation was renewed for a fourth series. On 22 January 2012, it was announced that the show would begin airing Series 4 on 1 February 2012 in an 8 pm timeslot.

As of mid-2012, the show was cancelled after 72 original episodes on Network Ten.

2018 renewal[]

In September 2017, it was announced that Series 5 would be revived on the Nine Network for 8 episodes with Micallef returning as host. In October 2017, the series was officially confirmed for revival set to air in 2018, as well as the announcement of the series captains. Generation X would be led by Robyn Butler, Generation Y would be led by Andy Lee and Generation Z would be led by Laurence Boxhall. It has a new set and it also changed its graphics, including a new logo and as well as fonts, sound effects and themes and primary colours. The primary colours are red (Generation X), yellow (Generation Y) and blue (Generation Z). The show was once again filmed at Docklands Studios in Melbourne. It is recorded in front of a live audience of 500 people.


Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (also known as TAYG) iss an hour-long quiz show testing the popular culture knowledge of teams from three different cultural generations. In the original version, the generation team captains were Amanda Keller (Baby Boomers), Charlie Pickering (Generation X) and Josh Thomas (Generation Y). Each team captain is joined by a different guest each episode who is part of their respective generations. However, on occasion there have been guests not actually part of the generation they represent on the show. (For example, Ian Smith and George Negus were featured as Baby Boomers but were actually members of the Silent Generation.) Generally guests aged up to 30 were placed in the Generation Y team, guests aged 30–40 in the Generation X team and guests aged 40 and over in the Baby Boomer team.

Typically, each episode featured six rounds with the three teams competing in various themed games which feature wordplay-based names such as What's A Doodle Doo?, Name That Tee and ¡chronoloco!. One point is awarded for each correct answer, though in practice points can be awarded or deducted at Shaun's own discretion. The first three rounds involve the contestants buzzing in first to give their answer. Games played in these rounds can involve identifying missing television characters from a cast picture, identifying a company name from a partially constructed logo, or identifying a catchphrase and its origin from a T-shirt.

The fourth round sees teams choosing from four categories from the main display (dubbed the "magic window"), and often involves their participation on the studio floor on their part. Games include matching up celebrity pairs (such as famous mothers and daughters) on the screen, ransacking a period setting to identify anachronistic items, and performing charades. The fifth round, called "Your Generation" and later Yo-Gen, sees all teams quizzed in turn on themed questions relevant to their particular generation and based on a certain topic or Yo-Gen Subject. In this round, one point is awarded for each correct answer and two points are lost with each incorrect answer.

The final round, called End Game, sees all teams trying to complete a physical task, usually to be judged by Shaun. The number of points up for grabs in this round is usually determined by the number of points that separate the first and third placed teams at this stage of the game; therefore the winner of the End Game is the winner of the episode.

The winning team is presented with a secondhand trophy donated by Shaun (first series), viewers (third and fourth series), as a vanity prize. During the second series, a specially made TAYG trophy was presented to the winning team; the trophy featured three people (representing the three generations playing) raising a flag pole with a TAYG flag on top.

List of games[]

These are some of the games that are featured in the show. Not all of them are mentioned.

  • What's a Doodle Doo? – In this game, contestants are shown different company logos but are shown one 'doodle' at a time. Five 'doodles' make the logo and points are awarded depending on how many doodles have been revealed (i.e. the first doodle is worth 5 points, the second is worth 4 points, etc.).
  • As Quick As – In this game, contestants are asked a series of questions. They must buzz in and answer as quickly as they can as they are racing a boiling kettle. Time is up when the kettle whistles. In some episodes, the kettle is replaced with another item such as dynamite or a woodcutter. Australian illusionist Cosentino appeared in one episode with him escaping from a straight jacket.
  • You Say Various Things – The game begins with Shaun explaining that they would usually be playing As Quick As, but has decided that they will be playing a new and complicated game in which the title and rules are explained in one very simple (and long) song. Shaun then sings the You Say Various Things theme song only for the phone to ring and Shaun explaining that they don't have time to play this game as the theme song was too long. They then play As Quick As.
  • Ad Hoc – In this game, the contestants are shown a frame from a commercial and they must buzz in to try and guess what the product is in the commercial.
  • Befuddled – In this game, the contestants are shown a movie poster that has been pixelated by the Befuddlo-Mesh screen. They must then guess which movie the poster is for. If no-one can guess the Befuddled image, it is Defuddled once. If they still can't guess, the image is Defuddled a second time. An image is only Defuddled a maximum of five times before it is completely revealed. Points are awarded depending on how many times the image has been Defuddled (i.e. the first Befuddlo level is worth 5 points, the second is worth 4 points, etc.).
  • Nobody's Business – In this game, contestants must guess the names of fictional products or businesses on the Magic Window. They then have to guess the film or TV series from which the product or business is from.
  • Chicken or Egg? (originally called What Came First?) – In this game, contestants are shown two things, events or businesses and they need to figure out which one came first.

Games featured in the Magic Window[]

The Magic Window is the large screen in the background of the TAYG set. The teams pick one of four buttons from the window which are labelled with the genre of game that is featured in that button and later, things or people relating to a certain subject.

  • Trust Me – In the earlier uses of this game, a button was labelled with the Trust Me logo. The game featured would result in one of the team members being covered in food if the other team member incorrectly answered questions. Each question was worth quadruple points. In later episodes, Trust Me was hidden in one of the four button on the Magic Window as no-one would pick it when it was clearly labelled. In one episode, Trust Me was hidden in two of the buttons on the Magic Window.
  • What on Earth was that? – In this game, six common items from the past and present are concealed behind a garden wall and then crushed by a steam roller. The team must then identify the item by looking at the debris left behind and the era it was from for one point each.
  • Watch Your Mouth – In this game, the guesser (who is facing the audience) must try and guess the celebrity their partner (who is facing away from the audience with their mouth on a stand) is portraying on the "magic window". That contestant must give clues to the contestant without saying any of the verboten words/phrases (ranging from 5–8) shown on the "magic window". One point is awarded for every celebrity the guesser is able to identify correctly.
  • ¡chronoloco! – In this game, the team has to order a certain number of things (usually six) of a certain theme (e.g. wedding dresses or underwear) in the order they were first introduced. One point is awarded for each item placed in the correct place.
  • Third Drawer Down – In this game, items appear in the third drawer down and the team must be able to identify the item. One point is awarded for each item identified correctly, and another point for correctly identifying the era of that item.
  • Era Error – In this game, a scenario is created at a certain era (e.g. a classroom in 1965) and contestants are to identify six items that don't belong in the era within the given time-frame. One point is awarded for each item that is identified in the wrong era.


A home game was released by Imagination in 2009. Prior to this, It was also re-released as a "Platinum" edition later on.

An Interactive DVD game featuring host Shaun Micallef on the cover was also released.

A CD album featuring various musical artist was released.