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Supermarket Sweep Australia alt
Nine Network: 10 February 1992 – 4 February 1994
Fremantle International Productions

Supermarket Sweep was a short-lived Australian version of the show based on the American format of the same name.


The supermarket on this show was originally a Coles Supermarket, but was later changed to a generic supermarket. The latter set was identical to the American show, as was the case with most Grundy-produced Australian games based on American programs.


Pairs of contestants, randomly selected from the studio audience, were asked questions about television commercials and supermarket merchandise, with correct answers increasing their allocated time in a 'shopping spree.' Each team started with one minute (1:00) and earned 10 seconds for each correct answer. Contestants use their allocated time to run through the mock-supermarket, filling their trolleys with as much merchandise and bonuses as possible. Penalties would be assessed for damaging items or dropping items without picking them up.

Bonuses included:

  • Each team who returned the three items on the "shopping list" scored $250.
  • Grinding a bag of coffee earned $100.
  • Four oversized bonus items with values of $50, $100, $200, and a bonus prize, the value of which did not count towards that team's total.

The team with the highest value of merchandise was deemed the winning team, and took part in a treasure hunt-style bonus game, in which clues suggested which four products had to be found within 60 seconds. Each marked product found won increasingly valuable prizes, and finding the fourth product before 60 seconds expired won a car.

End-of-Show Disclaimer[]

"Where possible, prices quoted are actual prices existing in Coles Supermarkets in Victoria this week." - Announcer


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