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Miranda Deakin
Sharky's Friends
Nine Network: 6 August-2 November 2007

Sharky's Friends was a children's game show hosted by Miranda Deakin and featuring a quick-witted puppet shark who is named appropriately Sharky.


Miranda gives clues to a word of which only a portion of the letters are shown. The contestant has a chance to guess what the word is and if they are wrong, Sharky has a chance to guess. If he or she gets it wrong, which is usually the case, the contestant has another attempt with more letters revealed. This will go on until either one of them gets it right, in which case they will win a "fish cake", which closely resembles a large inedible cupcake with icing and plastic toy fish. Miranda often says that they will break your teeth if you try to eat them. The first player to win three fish cakes is the winner, and if the child wins 3 nil, it is known as a Shark Blitz. In this case Miranda will ring a special bell.

Smelly Telly[]

As well as the word games, a game called "Smelly Telly" is played, usually when there is a score of 2/1 and never more than twice per show. While a covered raised silver plate is sneaked onto the set, Sharky will sing a song about Smelly Telly which he probably makes up while he goes. Miranda puts blindfolds on the players, one resembling goggles for the contender, and one resembling headphones for Sharky, since he has eyes on either sides of his head. Miranda reveals what the smell is coming from, and even if it is a good smell, the audience will make sounds like it is bad. The player each get a smell, and are allowed to guess and win a fish cake if they are correct. If both players are incorrect, however, unlike the word games, no fish cakes are won, and the players will only get one chance to guess.


Description of the show courtesy of Ambience Entertainment