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This Australian show was the Grundy organisation’s first attempt at a New Faces-style talent show, airing between 1975 and 1978. Tommy Hanlon Jr (famous as the host of the 60s quiz show 'It Could Be You') hosted the Network 10 show, with Bernard King (former judge on New Faces) as the resident judge.

In 1975, Hanlon stormed off the set mid-show after berating Bernard King for his withering appraisals of contestants.

King had awarded a female contestant “minus 5” out of a possible 50 marks and told her that she shouldn’t have wasted her money on singing lessons and would have done better to simply enter the Miss Australia Quest.

With the contestant fighting back tears, Hanlon announced to the live studio audience that he was quitting. But King hadn’t learned his lesson and soon afterwards had a jug of water poured over his head by a contestant he had incensed with his biting remarks.

Pot Of Gold was revived in 1987 with a new title (Pot Luck) and a new host Ernie Sigley. Bernard King returned as head judge.

Some of the most embarrassing acts were used to comedic effect in the D-Generation’s The Late Show in 1993.

Bernard King from pot of gold
Tommy Hanlon, Jr