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Mark Humphries
Andrew Rochford
Pointless Australia
Network Ten: 23 July 2018 – 10 May 2019
Endemol Shine Australia

Pointless is a short-lived quiz show where you have to give the most obscure answers to the questions. It is based on the British program of the same name.


Unlike in England, the game is played with three teams of two contestants, competing to give answers that are correct and obscure to win.

Before the show, 100 people are each given 100 seconds to provide answers to the questions that will be asked to the contestants during the show. Each person who said that answer is worth one point. Should a player give an incorrect answer, they get the maximum of 100 points. To survive a round, teams have to achieve a score as low as possible, for the team with the highest score is eliminated from the game. Each time they give a pointless answer (a correct answer that scores zero points, hence the name of the show), $500 is added to a jackpot which starts at $2000 and can be claimed at the end of the show. If it is not won, another $2000 is added and the jackpot is carried over into the next show.

During the show, Rochford provides information about the answers that are given, as well as statistics at the end of each round on the most common and most obscure answers.

Round 1[]

A category is given and each player from each team one at a time will give an answer to the round's question. The player in control scores for the team according to how many people gave the answer, with incorrect answers scoring the maximum of 100 points and correct answer not said by any of the 100 people scoring nothing; those are the "Pointless" answers.

At the end of the round, the team with the highest score is eliminated from the game. The other two teams will advance to the second round, the head-to-head round.

Round 2 (Head-to-Head)[]

The two remaining teams will face off in a best-two-out-of-three affair. The team with the lowest score in round one goes first. A question was asked with a minimum of four correct answers, then the teams would confer and give one answer in turn. The scores for both answers were then revealed and the team with the lower score scored one point and the opportunity to answer first on the next question. The first team to score two points won the game and goes for the jackpot.

Jackpot Round[]

In the Jackpot round, two categories each with two questions is presented. They chose one category and then they chose which question to answer. The winning team has 30 seconds to come up with two answer to the question. All that matters here is a "Pointless" answer. If one of the answers they give is a "Pointless" answer, they win the jackpot.

Like in England, teams stay on the show for two days unless they make it to the final round.


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