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Angus Smallwood
L PickYourFace AUS 2001
Nine Network: 1999-2003
Banksia Productions

Pick Your Face was a kids' game show created by Banksia Productions for the Nine Network in 1999-2003, and was hosted by Angus Smallwood.

At the beginning of each episode, Angus would meet the three players of the day, and then they would go on stage and play the game.


Round 1[]

Contestants had 45 seconds to remove items from a large fake nose which when gathered together would make the name of a celebrity. Using charades like cues with sounds like being an ear attached to the object. Each contestant had their own set of items, each relating to a different celebrity. When time was up, the contestants attempted to guess the celebrity their items represented, earning 10 points for a correct guess.

Round 2[]

Each contestant looked at their own photo as it slowly transformed into the face of a celebrity. As it changed, a time limit of 30 seconds went by. When the contestant knew who the celebrity was, they would yell "Stop!" A correct guess earned one point for every second left on the clock. An incorrect guess scored no points.

Round 3[]

The contestants were shown a famous face covered with additional features. The contestants took turns asking yes-or-no questions. A "yes" answer had one of the additional features removed, and that contestant kept control. A "no" answer, however, meant control passed to the next contestant, with no features removed. This went on until a contestant correctly identified the celebrity, earning 10 points.

Place the Face[]

At the end of each of the first three rounds, one of the contestants would play a game where there were four faces (three of them were of celebrities, while the last one was of that contestant) with the eyes, nose, and mouth each cut out and posted randomly around the outside of the board. The object was to put them back together in 45 seconds. Afterwards, the contestant had to identify each of the faces and a correct guess scored 5 points.

NOTE: The same three celebrity faces were used throughout the show, meaning that when one of them was guessed correctly, the other contestants could easily identify them, guaranteeing 5 points for that celebrity.

Final Round[]

The final round was a trivia round where the buzzer was a touch activated giant eyeball. Angus asked true-or-false questions (usually relating to the head or face), and each correct answer was worth 5 points.

At the end of the game, the contestant with the most points won grand prizes. The other two contestants received consolation prizes.


YouTube Link[]

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