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L PassTheBuck AUS 2002

The game where contestants give correct answers to questions and passing the buck.

Broadcast History[]

Nine Network: 11 February to 5 April, 2002


John Burgess


Main Game[]

This was an elimination game which started with 10 contestants, and the field would get shorter as the game progressed. Each round started with random selection of a contestant after which a question was asked. Each question had multiple answers as each player took turns at contributing a response, and the object of the game was to give correct answers to the given question. Each round continued until a contestant either gave an incorrect answer or repeated one (right or wrong). When that happened, the contestant who gave that illegal answer was eliminated from the game and the next round started with one less contestant.

For the first six rounds, the contestants took turns in a fixed order. For the seventh and eighth rounds, a contestant could nominate an opponent they wished to "pass the buck" to.

Memory Moment[]

On some rounds instead of a normal question, they would play a special round called "Memory Moment". Burgo would read off a list of 18 unrelated words and as quickly as they could, the contestants in turn had to repeat those words back in no particular order. Same rules applied as the regular rounds.

The Final Round[]

In Round 9 (the final round), the remaining two contestants played a 90 second speed round, where each player scored a point for each correct answer. When a player gave an incorrect answer, a new question was given and the opposing player was given the first answering opportunity. At the end of the round, the player with the most points won the game and was given the chance to play the Major Prize Round.

The Major Prize Round[]

In the Major Prize Round, a series of ten prizes were displayed. The contestant had to recall as many prizes as possible in 20 seconds. Those prizes which the player recalled correctly were what the player would receive for that night.

Carry-over champions stayed on the show for up to five nights. If the player could survive the five shows, he/she won a brand new car.



Pass the Buck is sort of the US game show Blackout of Australia. For this show replaced John Burgess' other show Burgo's Catch Phrase and was replaced by the same show after the cancellation.


Based on the 1970s American game show of the same name.

YouTube Link[]

Premiere Show
Full Episode - 19 Feb 2002