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A short-lived chat and game show, where celebrity guests answer questions on current events and pop culture.

Broadcast History[]

Seven Network 2008


Glenn Robbins


Each week, celebrity guests competed against each other in a three round quiz revolving around current events and popular culture. In between questions, lighthearted discussion often takes place about the subject of the question. Robbins asked the guests a series of questions in turn for the first two rounds; while in the final round, each guest or pair can buzz-in at anytime to answer. Each correct answer earns them a point, but in practice; points are generally given out by Robbins' own discretion. The guest or pair with the most points at the end of the show wins and gets their name engraved on an "Out of the Question" trophy.

(NOTE: The first season featured three guest per episode, with each guest answering questions individually; the second season expanded the number of guest to four, with guests competing as pairs.)