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Initial reaction
STW: 2000
Golden Globe Entertainment/Nine Network

Initial Reaction was a TV game show that ran in Perth, Western Australia on an affiliate of Channel Nine.


Two contestants battle it out in the game of initials & knowledge.

Main Game[]

The contestants faced a game board of 12 golden disks numbered 1-12. Behind those numbers are initial letters of answers to questions. All questions asked in a game come from a specific category. To start, the computer randomly selected a disk. The disk revealed a letter or letters which was/were (the) initial(s) to the answer. A question was asked to the player in control and a correct answer captures the disk and scored points. The first two games were worth five points for each correct answer and 10 points in the third game for each correct answer. Then control was passed to the other player who then verbally selected another number and the process was the same. The players go back & forth alternating turns until the game was won by one of them. The object of the game was get three disks in row, either across, up & down or diagonally. First player to do that, won the game. Unlike Hollywood Squares and its Australian cousins, it is possible to win by default. Should the board be filled up before either player got three in a row, then the player with the most captured disks was declared the winner. If there was a 6-6 tie, a tie breaker was player to determine the winner. The winner of the game won a prize which was chosen behind one of three letters (A, B or C). The player with the most points at the end of time wins the match.

Champion's Game[]

The winning player had 45 seconds to answer 10 questions all in a row. His/her progress was kept track with dots next to a 4-color level stick. Each time a question was about to be asked, an initial or initials were given. A correct answer goes up one dot toward the next level, but an incorrect answer or pass goes back to the bottom. The higher the color level, the bigger the prize. If the winning contestant can reach the top by getting 10 in a row before time ran out, s/he won a brand new car.


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