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Nine Network: 6 August 2008 – 17 September 2008
FremantleMedia Australia

Hole in the Wall was based on the Japanese format called Brain Wall. Contestants were required to fit through holes in a polystyrene wall that moved towards them.


Each episode featured two teams consisting of three celebrity contestants, with each team competing for $10,000 for a chosen charity. The contestants, fitted with hard hats and spandex, stood on a rectangular strip called the "Play Area" as a polystyrene wall would move towards them. The aim was to assume a position that would best allow their bodies to fit through a shape or a number of shapes cut into the wall. The wall measured 4 metres (13 ft) by 2.3 metres (7.5 ft) and traveled along a 15 metres (49 ft) straight path that approached at varying speeds. If contestants failed to fit through the hole, they were pushed back into a 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) deep pool of water behind them.

The game consisted of four rounds plus a final round that decided the winner. The first round had three contestants on the strip. A point was awarded to each contestant who fit through the hole. The second round had two contestants. For two points to be awarded, both contestants had to fit through the hole.

The third round was variable in the number of players and the scenario played, differing in each episode. For example, scenarios included facing the wall blindfolded, being forced to rely on the studio audience to guide a contestant, and facing the wall with either a prop or a guest contestant. These guests included members of the audience and Lund himself. In any case, success in this round earned three points The fourth round saw all three contestants having to face a wall travelling at double speed. Five points were awarded if all contestants fit through the hole, but otherwise no points were scored.

The last round had the team with the most points being given the choice of either facing the wall or forcing the other team to do so. The winner was based on the success of the team that was chosen to face the wall. This brought up controversy since all the points accumulated were worth nothing and the winner of the last round won the whole show.


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