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Tom Gleeson
Hard Quiz
ABC: 19 October 2016 – Present
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Thinkative TV

Hard Quiz is a game show spin-off of the "Hard Chat" segment on the satirical television news program The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. This show is also considered a semi-revival of The Einstein Factor.


Hard Quiz features four contestants, each of which have selected a specialist subject area. The contestants in turn each receive five questions regarding their specialist subject areas ("The Experts' Round"), followed by questions from a subject Gleeson chooses ("Tom's Round") and then general knowledge questions ("The People's Round"). Contestants receive 5 points for answering a question correctly, and lose 5 points for answering a question incorrectly. During the Experts' Round, a contestant may attempt to answer a question from another contestant's subject area. This is known as "The Steal". If a Steal is successful, the contestant receives 10 points but will only lose 5 points for an incorrect Steal attempt (in Season 1, a failed Steal resulted in the contestant losing 10 points). The contestant with the lowest score at the end of each of Tom's Round and The People's Round is eliminated from the show. In the event of a tie for lowest scorer, the tie is broken with a Hard-Off, where Gleeson presents two options for a given question (often pertaining to the relative difficulty of two given tasks or physical hardness of two materials), which the first contestant to buzz in then answers. If the answering contestant chooses correctly, the other contestant is eliminated and vice versa if the answer given is incorrect. The final two contestants answer questions regarding their chosen subject area in a best-of-five penalty shootout-style format (the "Hard Quiz" round) , with the winner receiving a trophy – the Hard Quiz brass mug.


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