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Go Lingo! is a word game and a Q & A game for kids. Not to be confused with the classic game of five letter words & bingo simply called Lingo.


Three kid contestants competed in this game of spelling, grammar, puzzles, questions and stunts.

Contestant Introductions[]

At the start of each program, the day's contestants do narrative self introductions of themselves. While that happened, they were each in the letter block pit spelling out their names.

Round 1 (My Country)[]

In the first round, the show travels do a different location in Australia which was then talked about. At the end of the video, "My Country" words were then presented.

When all said and done, the contestants were asked four multiple-choice questions about what they saw & heard. Each question has three possible answers marked "A", "B" & "C". The contestants each choose an answer in secret and then the correct answer was revealed. Each correct answer was worth five points.

Round 2 (Flip Puzzle)[]

The players were presented a billboard divided into triangles. Behind the triangles are parts of a "My Country" word mentioned in the video. The host gave a clue to that word, and then they had 30 seconds to complete the puzzle by moving the triangles to their proper positions. Each time a puzzle piece was clicked on, it is flipped over to reveal part of the word. Each correct placement was worth five points with a 10 point bonus awarded to the player who completed the puzzle first.

Round 3 (Starts With...)[]

In this round which is a toss-up round, a category on a video category turntable was landed on. Then the host gave the first letter of the answer and read a clue with that answer under that category (ala Blockbusters). The first player to buzz-in with the correct answer scored five points plus a chance to earn 10 more by spelling out the answer. So there was a possibility of scoring 15 points on each clue. Six questions were played in this round.

Round 4 (Chuck A Block)[]

All three players were placed into the same pit full of letter blocks from the beginning of the show. Their job was to use those blocks to spell the longest word they can. A "Go Lingo" category was revealed, then they must grab blocks to spell out a word the fits the category within 60 seconds. Each completed word was worth 20 points with double value or 40 points awarded to the player with the longest word.

Round 5 (Punct)[]

Two improper sentences which form a paragraph was presented. Below the sentence were punctuation marks and "Aa". The challenge was to place the punctuation marks into their proper spots and correct the grammar in 60 seconds or less. Each correct correction was worth five points with a 10 point bonus awarded to the player who finished first.

Round 6 (Shoot Out)[]

The contestants play a 45 second basketball video game. Each ball has a word printed on them; some of them will be spelled right and some will be spelled wrong. Shooting baskets using balls with correctly spelled words brought their scores up; but shooting baskets using balls with incorrectly spelled words brought their scores down. The scores they finished when time was up were multiplied by 10 points.

Round 7 (Boxed In)[]

This was a crossword-like round where a base word was placed onto a grid. Then the players had 45 seconds to place up to eight words that link a letter from another word. Each linked word was worth five points with a 10 point bonus awarded to the player who finished first.

Final Round (Splat)[]

In this final round, another video game round, lettered tiles are floating in front of the players. The host gave a clue to a word; the players then had 45 seconds to fire paintballs at letters that belong in that word. Each player had a small amount of ammo and if all three of them run out, they each get a reload. Each letter in the word was worth five points with a 10 point bonus awarded to the player who completed the word first.

"Max It" Button[]

In certain rounds, each player had a chance to press his/her "Max It" button. If any of them decide to press it, the person who goes on to win the round by scoring the most points will earn a bonus of 20 points.

The player with the most points won the game and a grand prize.


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