Flashback is the short-lived quiz show which finds its answers by stepping back in time.


ABC: 2000


Southern Star


Phillip Clark


Three contestants compete and they are each given 50 points to start the game. There are five rounds; each round is centered on a different topic.

Round 1: On This DayEdit

The host starts by picking a date from the six in offer and some footage is known of some event occurring on that date. The host then asks a question about the footage/event. The first contestant to buzz-in and give the correct answer receives 15 points and is given the chance to choose then next date. If a wrong answer is given, the next question is opened up to the other contestants.

Round 2: On the SpotEdit

Six famous individuals are placed on the board. The highest scorer from the previous round gets to make first choice and watched footage relating to that individual. They must then answer as many questions as they can about that person in 20 seconds. Each correct answer earns them 15 points. The remaining two players have their turn respectively.

Round 3: JukeboxEdit

Played in the same fashion as the first round, contestants choose a year from the board and listen to a song from that year. They are then asked a question about the song/artist. A correct answer brings them 15 points and the next pick of the board.

Round 4: Pass or PlayEdit

With this round, it is the lowest scoring player who starts the round by choosing one of six cryptic categories. Footage is shown and the player may then choose to either answer the question themselves, or pass it to another player. A correct answer wins 15 points while an incorrect answer loses 15 points. Each player gets one chance to pick a question from the board. The two players with the highest scores at the end of this round go through to play the final round whilst the third player is eliminated.

Round 5: All or NothingEdit

In the final round, a piece of footage is shown relating to a particular topic. At the end, four questions are asked about the topic, each worth 15 points if answered correctly (and worth a 15 pointy penalty if incorrectly answered). Players must buzz-in first to gain the points. The player with the highest score at the end of this round, wins the game and goes on to play in the finals.