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This page deals with merchandise based on Family Feud.

Board Games[]

Croner era (1989)[]

A board game of Family Feud (with box art and pieces similar to the Pressman version released for the United States in 1990) was made by Croner in 1989.


  • The 1989-96 Australian version of Feud never used or emulated the 1988-94 Combs era set from America at the time.

Crown & Andrews era (2006)[]

A board game of Bert's Family Feud was made by made by Crown and Andrews in 2006. The board game was designed similar to the TV show. The contents included a Survey Says display folder, 8 response covers, 1 survey question cover, 3 strike tiles, 2 tokens, 150 survey response sheets, 150 survey answer cards and 100 "all play" sheets, as well as 2 pencils, a 60-second sand timer and rules. A close look at the box reveals the "Family Feud" logo seen on the US version from 1999 to 2006 used in the background.

Imagination era (2014-2017)[]

(1st edition/2014)[]

A new edition of the Family Feud board game was made and released by Imagination in 2014, following the commencement of the Grant Denyer-hosted revival of Feud.

(2nd edition/2015)[]

A second edition of the board game was released in 2015, featuring over 400 new survey questions. A "Buzzer" app was also released so that it could be played with both versions of the board game.

(New Family Feud/2017)[]

A third (and final) edition of the board game (simply titled as "New Family Feud") was released by imagination in 2017.

(Disney Edition/2016)[]

A Disney-Themed version was released in 2016, and featured similar packaging and questions to the American Disney Edition.

(Star Wars Edition/2017)[]

A Star Wars-themed version was released in mid-2017.

(Music Edition/2017)[]

A Music version[1] also called "New Family Feud" was released execlusively on its official website called "" in 2017.

Mobile Game[]

A Bert's Family Feud mobile game was also released in 2006.

Buzzer App[]

A Buzzer app was released in conjunction with the board game in 2015. The app features the "Top Answer" sound effect, the "Correct Answer" sound effect and the new version of the "Bah-bow" Strike sound effect.

DVD Game[]

A Bert's Family Feud DVD Game was released in 2006 by Imagination Entertainment. The contents in the game included wipe-clean scorecards and temporary markers. The front cover featured a photo of host Bert Newton holding and pointing a DVD remote control in his hand.

Online Game (2014 version only)[]

Powered by Beamly, you can play along with the show weeknights at 6. A new question will launch in each ad break during the episode and you have until the end of the break to play. Questions are based on survey results of 100 people and you will have to try to guess the four top answers as you must be quick, as you only have 20 seconds to submit your answer and three strikes to get it right. In addition, you can login from the leaderboard screen to have your scores counted on the daily and weekly leaderboard. A daily leaderboard will display for each timezone who are participating during the live broadcast. See below for the link.

(additional note: A new leaderboard starts each Monday)


Bauer Books (2015)[]

Two volumes of Family Feud Word Hunt, featuring current host Grant Denyer on the cover, were released in 2015 and sold in newsagencies and bookstores. Both volumes feature word puzzles and surveys, similar to the Word Hunt released in the United States.

Lottery Tickets[]

Scientific Games (2015)[]

A brand of scratch-off lottery tickets are released under the "Scratch'n'Win" brand by Lotterywest.