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Mr. Fish (Mark Mitchell)
EC plays lift-off
ABC: 10 April - 4 July 1994
Australian Children’s Television Foundation

EC Plays Lift-Off was a 1994 game show spin-off of the children's TV show Lift Off.

EC Plays Lift-Off was hosted by Mark Mitchell in character as Mr. Fish (a child-hating character), who was transformed into a kind and gentle quizmaster at the beginning of each episode. Two teams of three children were selected to play in a series of games themed around Lift Off.

The main object of the game was to fill in a jigsaw puzzle board with puzzle pieces of various shapes and sizes. Pieces were earned as part of the gameplay.

The gameplay was interspersed with clips of Boris, Morris and Doris either playing along with the game or performing a sketch related to the gameplay. Wolf made an appearance wearing a different colored item during the end credits when the pigs watched the team getting a prize package. In the final episode, Wolf does not wear a different colored item, but instead, he bucketed another surprise mess at the pigs.



This round featured Beverley, a one-eyed plant who showed a film clip through her eye, and the contestants answered questions about the film clip.


This round featured the Backsacks. The object of this round was to throw things into Rapsak and Grumblesak's mouths that start with each letter of the alphabet and find things to give to Mr. Fish.


This round featured Lotis, the talking elevator. The object of this round was to correctly match a colour-and-sound sequence that was played by Lotis.


Based on the puppet café sequence of the same name, the teams put their hands into a box of food and had to correctly guess the food.


The object of this round was to choose each tool from the Toolmobile and work together to solve a problem.


The object of this round was to observe pictures of everyday things in strange locations or ways, and correctly guess what those things were.

The first team to completely fill their puzzle board gets to press the buzzer to receive a surprise mess for Mr. Fish to scold the children for ignoring his rule when they're not allowed to play in the apartment foyer and win a prize package. In the second episode, the Yellow Submarines didn't get to press the buzzer to receive a surprise mess for Mr. Fish. In the final episode, after both teams completely filled their puzzle boards, they pressed their buzzers for the final time to receive a surprise mess for the pigs instead, ending the series.


Paul McDermott (composer)
Chris Neal & Helena Harris (title song)


Patricia Edgar
Susie Campbell
Paul Nichola

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