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Miss Bytes (voiced by Sarah Moore)
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Download 2002
Nine Network 2000–2002

Download was a replacement for the now-dead kids show Now You See It for the new millennium.


Main Game[]

Round 1 & 2: Small Screen Game[]

Miss Bytes would introduce the first two players. The round worked with the player in control choosing one category from a list of six. The categories used were:

  • Screen Dreams
  • Planet Earth
  • Sounds
  • True Blue
  • Techno
  • Sweating It Out

Once a category was chosen, the host would reveal a scrambled word and put one letter in its proper position on the bottom of the screen, followed by a clue. Then another letter also from the scramble and representing the first letter would appear at the top of the screen, and a question was asked. The first player to buzz in and guess correctly would score one point The letter was then downloaded down to its proper position at the bottom and the player who got it right would try to guess the answer correctly for an additional four points (in total 5 points). IF the contestant didn't know the main answer, another letter would be at the top of the screen for someone to guess it. Play continued until someone guessed the main answer right. Sometimes when a letter was on the top of the screen, if both contestants did not press the buzzers in time or one contestant guessed the wrong answer/didn't know and then the other contestant guessed the wrong answer/didn't know, the host would give the answer and then download the letter, and play would go back to the top of the screen to attempt the correct answer. The player to score 10 points first would win that round and come back in Round 3. Round 2 was the same thing but with different players. The player who lost received consolation prizes.

Round 3: Big Screen Game[]

The two players of the first two rounds would come back to play the final round. The round was played with scrambled words and up to five clues for each. Each word started at five points with one point deducted for each letter moved to its proper place and new clue. When the bell rang, the rest of the round was played for 60 seconds and the points were doubled to 10 points minus two for each properly placed letter and new clue. The player with most points when time was up won the game. If both contestants were tied at the end of the round, one final word was given. The player who buzzed in with the correct answer won the game. Both players who played this round received prizes, but the winner of the game went on to the bonus round.

The highest recorded score was 94-4, recorded in October 2002 by 11-year old Kavel Gounden of Kenmore South State School.

Bonus Round[]

During Scott's and Nathan's run, before the bonus round game, the player had to chose one category to play for this round; the categories were:

  • Television & Movies
  • People & Places
  • Music
  • Australia
  • Technology
  • Sport

During Emily's run, there was no category selection in the Bonus Round before the actual Bonus Round game.

The round worked with four lines, the letters were chosen. After the letters were chosen they would be in the screen. As a result, the answers were all mixed up. The answers during the Bonus Round were not in order. The way they answered, was by the player saying for example: "Line 1, Athens". During Scott's run, the way they answer, was by the player saying for example: B, Godzilla. If the player didn't know the clue to the answer, they had to say "Pass!" and come back to the clue later if there was enough time. The player had 40 seconds to figure it out.


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Emily Jade Era[]

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