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Crazy Crosswords was a comedy game show that aired from 1994 to 1995 on Brisbane community access station Briz 31. The show was hosted by comedian Jonathan Atherton playing the character "Steel Jensen", with Meghan Sumner as assistant "Velvet".

Produced locally by Australian Television Productions, two of its producers would later go on to create the successful Hot Dog With the Lot in 2006. Episodes were recorded live to tape with minimal edits.


The premise of the show was simple. Contestants would answer trivia questions, the answers of which would fill a crossword puzzle. Winning contestants would receive trips to Australian amusement parks and riverboat cruises as prizes while the losing contestants would take home bags of nuts.

Episodes also included segments where Steel Jensen and assistant Velvet would interview people on the Brisbane streets ("Vox Pops"), or comedy sketches where the crew would try to sabotage rival game show Sale of the Century. Crosswords would rarely be completed, and game rounds would often be interrupted by Briz 31's Harness Racing programme or characters such as the resident hippie "Eugene".