Philip Brady (1959-1967)
Terry Dear (1959-1960)
Howard Craven
Ron Cadee
Don Davies
Lionel Williams (1970)
Mike Hammond (1997)
Joan McInnes
Cameron Humphires (1997 version only)
Nine Network (1959-1967)
Seven Network (1970, 1997)
GTV-9 (Melbourne)(1950-1961)
Grundy Organization1959-1967, 1970)
All American Fremantle International (1997)
Beckers Entertainment (1997)

Concentration based on the U.S. format of the same name, contestants try to match pairs of cards that were gradually removed from the board, slowly revealing elements of a rebus puzzle that one of the contestants had to solve to win prizes.

In 1997, the winner could win one of eight major prizes by finding seven matching pairs of prizes with the eighth prize having no match. New champions started with a time limit of 40 seconds. Clearing the board in time retired the champion with the last major prize matched. If time ran out, the player continued as carryover champion.

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A Concentration board game was released by John Sands Pty ltd. in 1960. (NOTE: The artwork cover of the board game is based on Milton Bradley's Third Edition from the U.S.)

...Prior to this, a second edition was released in 1962. (NOTE: The artwork cover of this edition looks similar to that of Milton Bradley's second and fifth Edition from the U.S.)


Main (1970) - "Boogaloo Smith" by James Clarke


Based on the American game show of the same name by Jack Barry & Dan Enright

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A 10 minute edit version of Concentration Pilot 1997 and

☀Main (1970) - "Boogaloo Smith" by James Clarke