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Cluedo was an Australian television game show based on the Cluedo board game of the same name. It was presented by Ian McFadyen. It debuted on 21 July 1992 at 7:30pm on the Nine Network, and ran at that same time until 1993. Each episode was 50 minutes without commercials.


Each episode would start at Brindebella House where after some plot exposition. A guest would be murdered. The studio audience had to pick the culprit using a dial system by which they could select who they thought was guilty. The audience could ask the actors, on stage in character, questions about their motives and actions in the pre-recorded drama which was shown first. An onscreen graphic would show the home viewers how the audience was leaning. Later scenes show Detective Sergeant Stanley Bogong coming in to investigate the murder, revealing more information. At the end of the episode, after the murderer was revealed in another pre-recorded scene, the audience member who had selected correctly (and had not changed their selection) would win a prize. The home viewers could also enter a competition by phone in before the end of the show.



Jane Badler as Mrs Elizabeth Peacock


Nicki Paull as Miss Vivienne Scarlet


Andrew Daddo as Professor Peter Plum


Peter Sumner as Reverend Clem Green


Joy Westmore as Mrs. Blanche White


George Mallaby as Colonel Mike Mustard


Frank Gallacher as Detective Sergeant Stanley Bogong

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