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Blind Date Australia
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Network 10: 1967-1970, 1991, 15 October 2018 – 19 December 2018
Seven Network: 1974
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Blind Date was Australian television game show which was originally based on the American series The Dating Game.

Blind Date first aired from 1967 to 1970 on the 0-10 Network (now known as Network 10). Graham Webb hosted the series from its debut to the 28 November 1969 episode. Jeremy Cordeaux hosted the show in 1970.

A 1974 on the Seven Network was hosted by Scottish-born Bobby Hanna. A 1991 version hosted by Greg Evans was screened on Network Ten as a revived version of Perfect Match, which was also based on the same format.

A new series, termed the show's revival, began on the 15th October, 2018 on Channel 10, hosted by Julia Morris. It showed at 7:30 pm on Mondays until the fifth episode, where it moved to the time-slot of 8:40 pm on Wednesdays.


Each week, a number of single people around Australia who are looking for 'love' ask three questions to three potential suitors who are behind a wall (which is called the Slide-O Wall from the seventh series). Each potential suitor takes turns to answer these questions and then the contestant has to choose a date only from the potential suitor's answers and voices. The host asks the contestant, "Which contestant would you like to choose? 'Contestant number 1', 'number 2' or 'number 3'?" The contestant will choose one of these, with each number corresponding to each potential suitor, with '1' being the suitor sitting closest to the wall and number '3' being the person seated furthest.

Once the contestant chooses a suitor, they meet the two other potential suitors they did not choose. Then, the contestant and suitor ('the dates') stands on either side of the wall and for the first time, the host reveals the suitor who is behind it by saying the name of the suitor while the wall slides away to reveal them.

The dates are then given the opportunity to choose from two envelopes which contain two different dates (which are paid for by the show) that they could potentially go on. Once they choose the date, they proceed to walk up a staircase and near the top, the turn around to wave goodbye. The dates then walk away to the top of the staircase which then leads to a backstage area so that they can 'get ready' to go on their date.

In the next episode, the dates normally come back to make another appearance and talk about how their date went with the host. At their second visit, a video is shown about their date went and what happened there. Then the dates disclose if they would like to stay together for another date, 'just be friends', or end the relationship altogether.


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