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Osher Gunsberg
Bachelor in Paradise Australia
Network 10: 25 March 2018 – 9 August 2020
Warner Bros. International Television Productions Australia

Bachelor in Paradise is an Australian adaptation of the U.S. reality show of the same name which in turn is also a spinoff of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette where it is based on love and many dramas unfold because of some heated arguments as a result of contestant's feelings being put to the test Keep in mind that this should not be confused with the 1961 American film of the same name.


Each week, either the guys (bachelors) or the girls (bachelorettes)have control over of the rose ceremony with control switching each week. Each rose ceremony has contestants giving roses to "save" another person from being eliminated and not finding love in paradise. There is always an uneven number of men and women with a number of bachelors and bachelorettes being introduce each week so there is always someone eliminated.

After Paradise[]

A "Behind-the-Scenes" aftershow which airs after the ceremony each week on tenplay by giving viewers an opportunity to have a peek at what happens in paradise.

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