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Sandra Sully (2004–2006)
Samuel Shaed (2004–2005)
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Seven Network: 2004
Network Ten: 2005–2006
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Australia's Brainiest Kid is based on the U.K. format Britain's Braniest Kid, talented children from all over the country wage a battle of epic proportions to determine once and for all who is "Australia's Brainiest Kid".


11 and 12 year old kids coming from all over Australia, have their knowledges thoroughly tested to see who can ultimately be crowned as "Australia's Brainiest Kid".

Australia's Brainiest Specials[]

Australia's Brainiest Specials

Network Ten's special include celebrities that often know each other from the work they do, often actors or people from another Network Ten programme, playing against each other, with the winner given the opportunity to donate money to a charity of their choice.

The 14 special series includes Australia's Brainiest...

  • Comedian
  • TV Star
  • Quiz Master
  • Housemate (Big Brother Australia Housemate)
  • Radio Star
  • Olympian
  • Musician
  • Neighbour (Soap Opera Neighbours)
  • Footballer
  • Cricketer
  • Loser (The Biggest Loser)
  • BB06 Housemate (Big Brother 2006 Housemate)
  • Comedian 2
  • Idol (Australian Idol)