Ian "Danno" Rogerson
Gavin Wood
Seven Network: 1999

All Star Squares is a third and equally short-lived version of the famed American celebrity Tic-Tac-Toe game Hollywood Squares hosted by Ian 'Danno' Rogerson in 1999 for the Seven Network. Like the other two versions before the later, it was played just like Hollywood Squares.


The object of the game was to get Tic-Tac-Toe; that's three stars in a row, either across, up-and-down or diagonally. The contestant in turn, chose a celebrity, to whom host Rogerson asked a question. After (usually) a joke answer, they gave a response, to which the contestant either agreed or disagreed. If correct in their judgement, they received their mark in that box; if wrong, their opponent got the square (unless it led to three in a row, in which case that player had to earn it him/herself). The first two games were worth $250, the third game was worth $500 and the forth and all subsequent games were worth $1000. Should time run out in the middle of a game, the contestants were paid $250 for each square captured by them. The player with the most money at the end of time became the carry over champion. If the match ended in a tie, one final question was played with the star of one contestant's choosing. To start, the player that won the last game played had the option to play the question or pass it to his/her opponent. If the contestant can agree or disagree correctly, he/she won the match; otherwise, the match went to the opponent. The winner of the match kept the cash and went on to play for a bonus prize.

Bonus GameEdit

The winner of the match picked a star for a bonus prize; each star had an envelope with a prize inside and whatever was inside the envelope was what the winning contestant was playing for. Then host Rogerson asked one final question to the chosen star and a correct judgement by the winning contestant won the prize.


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