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Tommy Little
Team Captains
Pat Cash
Eamon Sullivan
Network Ten: 16 September – 18 November 2013
Freehand Production

A League of Their Own (not to be confused with the 1992 film of the same name) was a short-lived comedy panel game.


The show was based on the British game show of the same name. The show was a standard panel quiz show where two teams of three, competed for points awarded in three rounds, in order to find the overall winning team by points total.

  • Round 1 involved both teams either having to rank three different sports persons according to a specific criterion, or match sports persons to specific criteria.
  • Round 2, Battle of the Codes, involved a member from each an AFL and an NRL team going head-to-head, where as the teams had to choose which party they lend their support.
  • Round 3, Human Clock, saw one or two members of each team have to answer questions for as long as the other team members could sustain a physical challenge in the studio.

Often within the first round, teams had to complete short physical tasks, which were usually linked to either one of the guests on the teams or to the question they had to answer.